An exclusive offer to the residents of Williamstown, Victoria

Every property seller has the power to influence their sale price.  The secret is knowing what to do.  This FREE BOOK will show you how with;

  • 14 ways to guarantee a better selling price
  • How to make buyers compete to buy your property
  • The tricks and secrets used by professional staging experts
  • How to plan your marketing campaign to maximum effect
  • How to create the emotional triggers that will attract more buyers
  • How to find the best local specialists to prepare your property for the market
  • The single most effective marketing ‘weapon’ at your disposal
  • How to use the internet to boost buyer enquiry & help you sell for more
  • How to select the best real estate professional to identify and eliminate marketing obstacles

A message from Bestselling
Author, Ray Wood

Dear Property owner,

I’m so pleased you discovered this offer and opportunity and here’s a little known fact that not too many property sellers think about:  When you put your property on the market.  The enemy are other homes for sale competing with your home for buyers.  But you’re about to get an edge and there’s every chance the other sellers in your area don’t even know about it.

One of the best things about real estate is that it has no recommended retail price. Have you ever noticed how some homes in your area sell for a big price while others go for way less than you expected?

There are 5 key reasons why this happens and if you’re selling a property soon, or know someone who is, this is your chance to discover the essential and powerful selling secrets that VERY FEW property owners know or even understand.

In the last 10 years I’ve help more than 150,000 home owners get a BETTER THAN MARKET price for their property. Once a property owner reads my book, they quickly understand the 5 key essentials that need to happen in order to sell for more. Tragically most sellers go on the market with only one or sometimes none of the key essentials in place. But information is power and sellers who know ALWAYS have the edge.

Survey says homes are sold too cheaply

In a recent survey, real estate industry professionals said that more than 95% of homes are undersold. Many property sellers don’t realise they only get one chance to hit the market correctly and sell for more.

I’m on a personal mission to stop real estate being sold too cheaply but I can’t do it all by myself so I’ve recruited some expert help.

Recruiting the best possible professional advice.

If I needed life saving surgery I would track down the very best specialist to do the job. I consider selling a property a ‘fortune’ saving exercise so I’ve recruited the very best agent in your area to make sure EVERY seller who reads my book gets the very best advice and support if needed.

In your area, I’ve chosen Michael Dalton. Michael is fully briefed on the 5 key essentials that help his sellers sell for more and knows EXACTLY how to make sure the outcome is the very best. Michael and I go back a long way so I can recommend him no questions asked.

If you need immediate assistant please contact Michael on 03 9391 1888 or email

Please accept my best wishes for a fantastic selling result.

Kind Regards


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